Terms and Concepts about Transgender Children (Part 2)

What does MFT and FTM mean?

MTF Refers to a Refers to a Male to Female Trans person.  FTM Refers to a Female to Male.

What is LGBT?

LGBT refers to Lesbian, Gay Bisexual and Transgender.  Sometimes ‘Q’ or ‘QQ’ is added for Queer and Questioning.  Also ‘I’ and ‘A’ are added for Intersex and Allies.  It is generally used to refer to the group of people who define themselves and gender or sexual non-conforming, non-normative or other than the ‘hetero-normative’.

What is the Tanner Scale?

The Tanner Scale is a five stage scale that measures the physical development for males and females.  It measures the secondary sex characteristics such as size of genitals and breasts.  It is typically used with Transgender children to determine the timing of starting Puberty Blockers.  This is often done about one year into ‘Tanner stage II’.

What are ‘Natal Gender’ and ‘Felt Gender’?

These terms used to describe the gender (and sex) one was born into the ‘Natal Gender’ -  verses the gender a Trans person feels themselves to be – the opposite gender or the ‘Felt Gender’.  ‘Authentic Gender’ can also be used for this.

What is Transition ?

This is the process of changing over to the other gender.  There can be a ‘Medical Transition’ which may involve hormones and surgeries, and a ‘Social Transition’ which involves one’s presentation in the world – meaning looking like a boy or girl and having a male or female name, etc..

What is SRS ?

SRS refers to Sexual Reassignment Surgery.   This is also referred to as ‘GRS’ for ‘Gender Reassignment surgery’ or as ‘GCS’ for ‘Gender Confirmation Surgery’.

What is Cis-gendered?

This refers to Non-transgendered individuals – those who are born with their gender and biological sex matching.

What is Gender Binary?

Gender Binary refers to the (much criticized) idea of there being only two possible gender states – that of ‘Male’ and ‘Female’.  The new field of ‘Queer Theory’ has a lot to say about the gender-binary.

What is Passing?

Passing refers to ‘passing as the new gender’.  Meaning being seen as the new gender with there being no idea of having been the other gender.

What is Stealth?

Stealth means hiding one’s trans status after having transitioned.  This used to be a preferred way to go, but now with more public acceptance of Transgenderism, young people often do not feel the need to ‘go stealth’.

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